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LED Prices
Please Note: Prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST

These are our new range of High Power Leds
We use Nichia Quality for all projects up to 3 Watts and then these take over
Made in Japan by Citizen Electronics

6 Watt > 480 Lumens :L251
6 Watt > 700 Lumens :L103
10 Watt > 1050 Lumens 3000K, 3500K and 4000K
13 Watt > 1200 Lumens :L233
Bridgelux the Ultimate in Size and power !
52 Watt , 25.6V @ 2A !! > 3500 - 4000 Lumens : BXRA-N3500

Photobiological Safety Evaluation Of LED Products
Prepared for us by NICHIA Corporation

Please enquire by email for these

Cover Chart for LED/ Incandescent/ Halogen/ Fluorescent, for reference only:

Products Power LM/W Life / Hours
Incandescent < 25W 8 3000
Incandescent > 50W 15 1000
Halogen 24 - 30 2000
Fluorescent 80 20000
LED Today 60-80 3000-5000 Asian/Chinese
LED Now 110 - 150 50,000 Nichia,Philips,Cree
LED Future 150-300 60,000

Kelvin Chart

High CRI Warm White Spectrum with Red LED

PLEASE NOTE: Payment by direct deposit only
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Prices are in Australian dollars.
Postage for within Australia only, please add $2.00 per unit.
For International orders, please Contact us .

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