For Quality That Counts...

We needed small screws for many projects
but they were too hard to find
so we imported these ourselves

  1mm x 5mm long, Cheese head

2mm x 10mm long Countersunk
1mm x 10mm long Cheese head
1.5 x 4mm and 1.5 x 10mm Countersunk

All are $0.03 ea.

Sorry for not having these up earlier
We have commercial / trade products which are not always shown for up to 1 year

Heatsink and Pad

Small heatsink 40mm Square x 12mm high @ $2.50 ea
Thermal Pad, 40mm x 40mm x 0.5mm, to suit @ $0.50 ea

Heatsink and Pad

Small Heatsink 62mm Round x 10mm High @ $2.80 ea
Thermal Pad, 62mm x 40mm x 0.5mm, to suit @ $0.80 ea

Heatsink and Pad

Large Heatsink 125mm x 92mm x 15mm High @ $6.00 ea
Thermal Pad, 125mm x 92mm x 0.5mm, to suit @ $1.50 ea

PLEASE NOTE: Payment by money order or cheque only , to:
Lazer Security   35 Dawes St - Little Bay - 2036 - NSW
Phone 02 9311 1500 Fax 02 9311 1400
We regret that credit cards cannot be accepted.
Prices are in Australian dollars.
Postage for within Australia only, please add $2.00 per unit.
For International orders, please Contact us .

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