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Car Alarms

We manufacture LazerLock immobilisers.
Three models are available in the range.

LazerLock Touch

is passive arming and is
deactivated by a hidden switch.
This new model has two points
of immobilisation and
key switch override.

$49.50 ea
LazerLock Touch
LazerLock Passive Remote

offers you better security
because of its remote
arming and disarming.
Includes on board central
locking relays, flashing Led
and heavy duty immobilisation.

$95.00 ea
LazerLock Passive Remote
Car Jacking Protection

Universal module. Suits most
Central Locking Systems.
Automatically locks the doors
8 sec after ignition is turned on.
Unlocks when ignition is turned off.

$45.00 ea
LazerLock Central Locking
Single Channel Remote
Single Channel Remote

operates from 12-20V AC or DC
for use with garage door openers, etc.
Remotes also available in black.

$85.00 ea
Universal Programmable Remotes
Universal Programmable Remotes

can be programmed with
up to four separate channels.

$35.00 ea

These can also be supplied with
up to four of the above receivers.
Universal Timer

offers you adjustable
timing from 1-18 seconds
for interior light delay
or window lifting module delay.

$22.00 ea
Universal Timer
Trigger Relay

allows you to drive
relays from low power
alarm outputs.

$18.00 ea
Trigger relay
Universal Central Locking Timer

allows you to drive
central locking motors
from many alarms' latched -ve output.

$18.00 ea
Universal Central Locking Timer

All car alarms and remotes
are now supplied and fitted by

Autofix Auto Electricians

Call Nick on 0296627557.

PLEASE NOTE: Payment by money order or cheque only , to:
Lazer Security   35 Dawes St - Little Bay - 2036 - NSW
Phone 02 9311 1500 Fax 02 9311 1400
We regret that credit cards cannot be accepted.
Prices are in Australian dollars.
Postage for within Australia only, please add $2.00 per unit.
For International orders, please Contact us .

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