Rules and policies

Lazer Security has been established for over 30 Years, our policies are simple

Our general rules are :

Commitment to quality products, that work

Service the client as if he was a friend

Warranty the product even beyond its use-by date, where possible

Assist in Learning and Education

To reduce Landfill waste of NEW parts.

We do NOT collect any personal information and/or redistribute them to anyone.

Products are sold in accordance with Australian compliances and Standards

Parts and/or Products that are "water damaged" or had "excessive voltages applied"

and/or "physically burnt out" are not accepted returns for a replacement or a refund.

Our products made and/or sold are done so within the general rules under the Fair Trading act NSW


Lazer shall not be held responsible for the failure of any project described to operate as described,

loss or destruction of components or any other loss whether direct or consequential including loss of life

or personal injury even if we at lazer have been advised previously of any error. 

It is entirely the reader's responsibility to determine the suitability of any design for the intended purpose. 

It is not possible to foresee the many possibilities that may exist worldwide,

including incorrectly wired mains outlets, counterfeit components, etc., etc.

The projects here are presented "as is" and are believed to be without error, however this cannot be guaranteed,

and it is reasonable to assume that mistakes or other errors will occur from time to time. 

If errors are found, please contact us at Lazer and describe the error (and its consequences) so that corrections may be made. 

There have been a few such corrections over the years, and projects are often updated with additional information.

No project or other activity referred to directly or by reference in this website or any other as may be used or linked by us,

should be attempted before checking for updates or additional material that may make a substantial difference to the operation,

safety, or other aspects of a design, schematic or idea.

All text, diagrams, circuits, and any other material presented in these projects and articles pages are not copyrighted,

these are based on many years of research and development by many around the world, unless otherwise stated. 

These circuits and descriptions are available for personal use only, and may not be used commercially

without our written consent, nor may the projects or articles presented to be copied or

directly linked to other sites or re-published in whole or in part in any form whatsoever

whether electronic or otherwise without the author's written consent.

Some Projects require connection to the Mains Supply, this is dangerous if you do not have experience 

Extra Care Must be taken to avoid any injuries, If you are not sure ask a Licensed electrician to Check before any connection is made.